Lighter Care

  • Ignition:  Remove the cap, then turn/strike the wheel to the outside so as the sparks from the flint ignite the wick.  These lighters do not self extinguish; make sure to extinguish immediately after use.
  • Refilling:  Unscrew the bottom screw with a flathead screwdriver then hold the lighter up-side-down.  Insert the dropper into the refilling inlet then fill slowly for one cup.  If you over fill make sure to wipe the lighter and your hands dry before lighting.
  • Flint Replacement:  Remove the wheel unit.  DO NOT twist when removing the unit, rather pull straight out.  Then unscrew and remove the flint cap from the bottom of the unit.  Replace the flint and reassemble the unit.  When inserting the unit back into the lighter DO NOT twist, rather push straight down until firmly in place, making sure that the red dot is facing you.
  • Wick:  Keep the length of wick around 4mm.  When the wick becomes short and black from carbon, remove the flint assembly unit and pull the wick up gently with a pair of pliers then cut off evenly.  Nail clippers are well suited for this task.  
  • Maintenance:  The wheel can be cleaned with a brush to remove flint debris.  To avoid the wick burning and wearing out quickly, make sure and refill the lighter frequently.  Please remember to check and change the flint frequently before it completely wears out.