Emerald Hour: A Podcast About Life

Emerald House as it is, actually grew from an idea we had to start a podcast. It's the age old story - Get together, partake in some herbal enlightenment, have some crazy, weird, deep-diving conversations and say "We should totally start a podcast." And then we actually did.

What started as a platform to discuss life and how we dealt with it in the realm of therapeutic plant medicines, has morphed into a topic-spanning show centered around mental wellness, life's ever-evolving ways to tear it down, and how we personally search for ways to overcome and get through. Through stories, interviews, and banter, we cover life. And whether it's cannabis, therapeutic psychedelics, psychotherapy, or just walking to the car for a moment to have a good scream, we're figuring out what really works for us and sharing it all with you.

Available wherever you listen to podcasts, but here's the link to Spotify

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